Recent Projects

Merville Barracks Education Centre, MOD Colchester


We are proud to present our latest project which was a large scale refurbishment of the Ministry of Defence's Education Centre within the Merville Barracks in Colchester. The project was aided by the Royal British Legion and needed to be completed ready to host an event welcoming dignitaries on Rememberance Day.


The brief was to design a seating layout that would seat in excess of 100 people with unique sub-sections of seating for dining, casual breakout and work or study. We delivered an expansive configuration offering over 100 seats comprising of cafe chairs and tables, group-oriented breakout sofas and work booths in a Red, Grey and Black colour scheme to match the Poppy-themed design for the room which honours Rememberance Day. 


We're delighted to say that the refurbishment was a resounding success and was completed well in advance of the deadline date!


"A huge thank you from Colchester Garrison, the furniture looks fantastic, the style and size fills and fits the ‘Poppy Suite’ spot on the mark!  A thank you to Sales for their assistance with regards to the space planning and ordering process.  Another thank you to the delivery and construction team, the guys were fast, efficient and a pleasure to meet.  Furniture constructed and delivered well before deadline date, very happy customers all round!"

- Russ Underwood, Resettlement Warrant Officer

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