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The Rise and Rise of Meeting Booths


High-backed soft seating meeting booths are fast becoming key in driving productivity and improving employee satisfaction within open-plan office spaces and this has led to a dramatic rise in...

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It's Time To Make A Stand: Sitting At Work Is Unhealthy & Hinders Productivity


Offices could look very different in the near future after health and fitness experts have advised people to spend much more of their working day stood up and moving around.

According to research, sitting down at work all day...

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5 Ways Interior Design Can Improve Productivity In Your Office


In today’s world of work, people seem to be under more pressure and have less time than ever before. The result of all this is more stress, and stress is detrimental to productivity. Thankfully, there are some quick-fixes which.. view more»

Vista Sofas on ITV's O'Brien Show


We're on TV! Read on to find out about our work with ITV to create a curved sofa arrangement for their new daily hot-topics debate show, The O'Brien Show.

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5 Ways to Keep Active Whilst Working in an Office


You’ve probably heard the reports by now that claim sitting down all day every day at work is killing us and making us fat. We’ve evolved over tens of thousands of years as active hunter-gatherers, but now we’re sitting on our view more»

How To Be Productive & Stay Focused In An Open Plan Office


The open-plan office layout rose to prominence for its ability to facilitate the flow of communication and to offer increased working flexibility with hot-desking and other such ideas.

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5 Steps For Creating A Reception Area With Style


Reception areas are typically where your visitors will form their first impressions of your company, so it’s important to create a space that is comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

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Office Design: 5 Brilliant Ways to Give Your Office a Makeover


Is your office in desperate need of a bit of interior design? Is it worn and tired? Perhaps it’s just overly minimalistic and boring? Use these 5 simple ideas to reinvigorate your office and, with that, your workforce.

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5 Ways Modular Seating Can Make A Great Impact On Your School


Modular seating is a range of different-sized and different-shaped units that can be configured together to form virtually any seating layout imaginable. But as well as being very practical, modular seating has many other be view more»

How to Create the Perfect Student Common Room


Schools and Colleges are often faced with the difficult challenge of trying to design a common room that both looks great and functions as a place of study, relaxation and fun all in one, so...

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Choose the Perfect Restaurant Seating With 5 Simple Steps


Achieve restaurant seating that looks fantastic, functions well and even encourages your customers to spend more with these 5 simple steps...

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Modular Seating: A Platform for Personal Development in Students?


When most people look at chairs and sofas, they see nothing more than a seat. Sure, they might take in the colours, the patterns, the texture, but...

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Booth Seating Really Can Make A Restaurant More Profitable


If you were offered the choice between a seat at a regular table or an upholstered cushioned booth, which would you go for? You’d take the booth seating, right? Well, so would almost everyone.



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Discover The 7 Great Ways Modular Seating Can Improve Your School


Discover the amazing ways Modular Seating can improve your school in aspects you possibly hadn’t even thought of with our brand new blog post…

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The Big 6 Banquette Seating Blunders To Avoid


We’ve had enough experience over the years to know what works and what doesn’t with banquette seating, so we’ve put together this list to help you avoid making those costly mistakes...

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